TXTextControl.LoadSettings.ReportingMergeBlockFormat Property

Specifies how reporting merge blocks are handled when a document is loaded. Reporting merge blocks can be saved in a document either through special document targets represented through DocumentTarget objects or through special subtextparts represented through SubTextPart objects. When a merge block is marked with document targets, the name of the starting marker begins with blockstart_ and the name of the ending marker begins with blockend_. When a merge block is marked through a subtextpart, its name begins with txmb_.

Introduced: 24.0.


public ReportingMergeBlockFormat ReportingMergeBlockFormat { get; set; }
[Visual Basic]
Public Property ReportingMergeBlockFormat() As ReportingMergeBlockFormat
Value Description
Default The document is loaded as it is. Reporting merge blocks are not converted.
DocumentTargets This member is not used, when a document is loaded.
SubTextParts If the document contains reporting merge blocks marked with document targets, these targets are converted to subtextparts.

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