TXTextControl.ListFormat.Type Property

Gets or sets the type of the list, bulleted, numbered or none. The property's value is one of the values of the ListType enumeration.


public ListType Type { get; set; }
[Visual Basic]
Public Property Type() As ListType
Value Description
None The text is neither a bulleted nor a numbered list.
Bulleted The list is a bulleted list.
Numbered The list is a numbered list.
Structured The list is a structured list. All numbers of higher levels (lower level numbers) are displayed in front of the list number. The additional text of all levels in front and behind the list numbers is also displayed.


The property's default value is ListType.None.

The property returns its default value when the text selection contains multiple paragraphs with mixed types. The Selection.IsCommonValueSelected method can be used to check for mixed attributes.

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