TXTextControl.TextFieldEventArgs Object

The event argument object for text field related events. (e. g. the textFieldClicked event)

Introduced: 23.0.


    fieldType: <String>    // "APPLICATIONFIELD" / "TEXTFIELD",
    fieldName: <String>,
    typeName: <String>,    // null / "MERGEFIELD" / "DATE" / "NEXTIF" etc.,
    start: <number>,
    length: <number>,
    id: <number>,
    parameters: <String[]>


Property Description
fieldName The field's name.
fieldType The field type ("APPLICATIONFIELD" or "TEXTFIELD").
id The identifier of the text field.
length The number of characters in the text field.
parameters A string array of the field's parameters, if fieldType is "APPLICATIONFIELD".
start The 1-based first character position of the text field.
typeName The merge field type in case of field type "APPLICATIONFIELD" ("MERGEFIELD", "DATE", "NEXTIF" etc.).

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