TXTextControl.SubTextPart Object

The callback function argument for the getSubTextParts function.

Introduced: 25.0.


    name: <string>,
    id: <integer>,
    highlightColor: <Color>,
    highlightMode: <HighlightMode>,
    text: <string>,
    number: <integer>,
    start: <integer>,
    length: <integer>,
    nestedLevel: <integer>,


Property Description
highlightColor Gets or sets the highlight color for the subtextpart.
highlightMode Gets or sets a value indicating when the subtextpart is highlighted.
id Gets or sets the subtextpart's identifier.
length Gets the number of characters which belong to the subtextpart.
name Gets or sets the name of the subtextpart.
nestedLevel Gets the subtextpart's nested level.
number Gets the subtextpart's number.
start Gets the index (one-based) of the first character which belongs to the subtextpart.
text Gets the subtextpart's text.

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