TXTextControl.Selection Object

Describes and handles the position and length of a text selection. It also provides the possibility to replace the currently selected text with text in a certain document format.

Introduced: 24.0.


    getBounds: <function>,
    setBounds: <function>,
    load: <function>,
    save: <function>,
    getCulture: <function>,
    setCulture: <function>


Method Description
getBounds Takes a callback function with one parameter as a parameter.
getCulture Takes a callback function as a parameter which is called with a languagecode2-country/regioncode2 string ("de-DE", "en-US" or "en", for example) as a parameter upon receiving the selection information from the server.
load For a detailed description of this function see loadSelection.
save For a detailed description of this function see saveSelection.
setBounds Sets the selection start and length.
setCulture Sets the selection culture.

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