Visualize the ServerTextControl

The ServerVisualization.TextViewGenerator class, a special kind of ServerTextControl, can be used to generate an image of the text which is contained in a ServerTextControl. It provides a ServerVisualization.View object, which provides the image and which defines the part of the document for which the image is generated. Furthermore, it offers a ServerVisualization.UserInput object which can be used to simulate keyboard and mouse input. If this user-input affects the image defined through the View object, the image is automatically updated and a View.Changed event occurs. The ServerVisualization.RulerBarViewGenerator and ServerVisualization.StatusBarViewGenerator classes work in the same way to generate images of a status bar and of horizontal and vertical ruler bars. Images of all built-in dialog boxes can be generated through the ServerVisualization.DialogViewGenerator class. Objects of this class can be obtained through the TextViewGenerator.GetDialogBox property. All of these classes can be found in the TXTextControl.ServerVisualization namespace.


Class Description
TXTextControl.ServerVisualization.CaretStateEventArgs The CaretStateEventArgs class provides data about the state of the caret, such as position, size and visibility.
TXTextControl.ServerVisualization.DialogViewGenerator An instance of the DialogViewGenerator class can be used to visualize a built-in dialog box through an image.
TXTextControl.ServerVisualization.DocumentSizeChangedEventArgs The DocumentSizeChangedEventArgs class informs about a changed document size.
TXTextControl.ServerVisualization.DrawShapeEventArgs The DrawShapeEventArgs class contains information to draw additional parts necessary when the user interacts with the document.
TXTextControl.ServerVisualization.MenuItem The MenuItem class provides all data necessary to visualize a menu item, such as the menu's text and the menu's image.
TXTextControl.ServerVisualization.RulerBarViewGenerator An instance of the RulerBarViewGenerator class can be used to visualize a ruler bar through an image.
TXTextControl.ServerVisualization.RulerBarViewGenerator.Colors The ServerVisualization.RulerBarViewGenerator.Colors class gets, sets or resets the display colors of a ServerVisualization.RulerBarViewGenerator component.
TXTextControl.ServerVisualization.ShowDialogBoxEventArgs The ShowDialogBoxEventArgs class provides a DialogViewGenerator object which can be used to show a further dialog box from a parent dialog box.
TXTextControl.ServerVisualization.ShowErrorMessageEventArgs The ShowErrorMessageEventArgs class provides a string which should be shown as an error message for the end-user.
TXTextControl.ServerVisualization.StatusBarViewGenerator An instance of the StatusBarViewGenerator class can be used to visualize a status bar through an image.
TXTextControl.ServerVisualization.StatusBarViewGenerator.Colors The StatusBarViewGenerator.Colors class gets, sets or resets the display colors of a ServerVisualization.StatusBarViewGenerator component.
TXTextControl.ServerVisualization.TextContextMenuEventArgs The TextContextMenuEventArgs class provides data for the ServerVisualization.TextViewGenerator.TextContextMenuOpening event.
TXTextControl.ServerVisualization.TextViewGenerator The TextViewGenerator class is a special ServerTextControl, which can be used to visualize the control's text contents through a generated image.
TXTextControl.ServerVisualization.TextViewGenerator.Colors The TextViewGenerator.Colors class gets, sets or resets the display colors of a TextViewGenerator component.
TXTextControl.ServerVisualization.UserInput An instance of the UserInput class can be used to inform a view generator about user input.
TXTextControl.ServerVisualization.View An instance of the View class represents a part of a document for which an image can be generated.
TXTextControl.ServerVisualization.ViewChangedEventArgs The ViewChangedEventArgs class provides data for the View.Changed event.