TXTextControl.Proofing.IncorrectWordChangingEventArgs Class

The IncorrectWordChangingEventArgs class provides data for the TXSpellChecker.IncorrectWordChanging event in TX Spell .NET for Windows Forms and WPF.

Introduced: 3.0.


public sealed class IncorrectWordChangingEventArgs
[Visual Basic]
Public NotInheritable Class IncorrectWordChangingEventArgs


Property Description
Cancel Get or sets a value indicating whether the changing operation for the current incorrect word should be canceled.
CorrectedText Gets the complete text including the replaced incorrect words with the corrected words.
CorrectedWord Gets or sets the new word that replaces the text of the incorrect word.
IncorrectWord Gets the incorrect word that is changed.
SourceText Gets the complete text without the replaced incorrect words.
Type Gets the type that defines how the incorrect word is changed.
WillBeDuplicate Gets a value specifying whether replacing the text of the current incorrect word would result in a conversion to a duplicate incorrect word.