TXTextControl.XMLNotWellFormed Event

Occurs when a loaded XML document is not well-formed. Loading the document has been aborted and the document's contents are not displayed.


XMLNotWellFormed(FilePos, LineNumber, LinePos, Scode, Description, URL, CancelDisplay)
Parameter Description

Is the absolute file position in the XML document where the error occurred.


Is the line number in the XML document that contains the error.


Is the character position within the line where the error occurred.


Is the OLE Status Code.


Explains the reason for the error. This string can be changed.


Is the URL of the XML document containing the error. If this parameter is an empty string there is no information about the URL.


Can be set to True if the application wants to display its own error string. When this parameter is not set to True, the control will display a message box showing an error string.

Data Types

FilePos: Long
LineNumber: Long
LinePos: Long
Scode: Long
Description: String
URL: String
CancelDisplay: Boolean

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