TXTextControl.TextFrameSelect Method

This method determines whether a certain Text Control property or method manipulates a text frame or the main text. This method selects a text frame for programming. It does not set the input focus to a text frame and does not show the selection frame with the resize handles.

Introduced: 12.0.


TXTextControl.TextFrameSelect TextFrameId
Parameter Description

Is the identifier of the text frame to select. It must be an identifier returned through the TextFrameInsert, TextFrameInsertAsChar or TextFrameInsertFixed method.

If this parameter is zero, which is the default mode, a Text Control performs automatic selection, which means that a certain property or method manipulates the text part with the current input position.

If this parameter is -1, the method selects the main text, which means that a property or method manipulates the main text, independent of which text part has the current input focus.

Return Value

The method returns True, if the selection could be performed, otherwise it returns False.


The TX Text Control button bar, ruler and status bar need the default automatic mode for correct working. Therefore, when a selection is no longer needed, it should be reset to the default mode.

Data Types

TextFrameId: Integer
Return value: Boolean

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