TXTextControl.SaveToMemory Method

Returns a one-dimensional byte array containing text data in a specified format.


TXTextControl.SaveToMemory [Format[, CurSelection]]
Parameter Description

Optional. Specifies a format identifier. When this parameter is not specified the data is saved in the internal Text Control format (3). See the Format parameter of the Save method for possible format identifiers.


Optional. When set to True the current selection is saved. When omitted or set to False or when no selection exists all the control contents are saved.

Return Value

The method returns a one-dimensional array of bytes, containing the saved data.

Data Types

Format: Integer
CurSelection:    Boolean
Return value:    One-dimensional Byte Array


This Basic example copies the currently selected text from the first Text Control and inserts it at the current input position of a second Text Control:

Dim data() As Byte
data = TXTextControl1.SaveToMemory(3, True)
TXTextControl2.LoadFromMemory data, 3, True

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