TXTextControl.ObjectSizeMode Property

Specifies whether an inserted image, text frame or OLE object can be moved or resized at run time. If the Moveable option is selected, the object can be moved on the background. If the Sizeable option is selected, the borders of the object can be dragged. Images and OLE objects can be moved after clicking elsewhere on the image or object, text frames can be moved after clicking on the frame. If an object is clicked resize handles appear to indicate that this object is currently selected. The ObjectCurrent property determines the object.


TXTextControl.ObjectSizeMode [= value]
Setting Description
0 - Fixed (Default) The object cannot be moved or sized.
1 - Moveable The object can be moved.
2 - Sizeable The object can be sized.
3 - Move and Sizeable The object can be moved and sized.

Data Types



Run time only.

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