TXTextControl.FieldSetInputPos Method

If the current text input position is a position at the beginning or at the end of a marked text field with a doubled input position, this method can be used to define whether the position is inside or outside the field. The input position's character position is not changed.

Introduced: 13.0.


TXTextControl.FieldSetInputPos FieldInputPosition
Parameter Description

Specifies the position. It can be one of the following Constants:

Value Description
txInsideField The current input position is inside the field.
txOutsideField The current input position is outside the field.
txInsideNextField The specified position is inside the next field. This value is only possible, if there are two following fields without any character between the fields. In this case txInsideField is in the first field, txOutsideField is between the fields and txInsideNextField is in the second field.

Return Value

The return value is non-zero if the input position has been changed. It is zero if the current input position is not at the beginning or the at the end of a field or if the field has no doubled input position.

Data Types

FieldInputPosition: Integer
Return value: Boolean

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