TXTextControl.ConnectTools Event

MS Access only: Occurs after all Text Controls, Rulers, Button Bars and Status Bars have been created and are ready to be connected. This has to be done in 2 steps as shows in the example below. (The example assumes that you have created a Text Control named 'tx' and a Ruler Bar, Button Bar and Status Bar named Ruler, ButtonBar and StatusBar.)


ConnectTools( )


The following MS Access example shows the two-step process. The first step is code that must be added to the form's Load event the second step is code that must be added to this event.

Sub Form_Load ()
   Me!tx.object.RulerHandle = 1
   Me!tx.object.ButtonBarHandle = 1
   Me!tx.object.StatusBarHandle = 1
End Sub
Sub TX_ConnectTools ()
   Me!tx.object.RulerHandle = Me!Ruler.object.hWnd
   Me!tx.object.ButtonBarHandle = Me!ButtonBar.object.hWnd
   Me!tx.object.StatusBarHandle = Me!StatusBar.object.hWnd
End Sub

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