TXTextControl.CanUndo Property

Informs whether an operation can be undone using the Undo method.


Setting Description
0 Nothing to undo.
1 Undo Insert Text
2 Undo Delete Text
3 Undo Format Text
15 Undo Insert Style
16 Undo Delete Style
17 Undo Style Attributes
18 Undo Style
19 Undo Insert Image
20 Undo Delete Image
21 Undo Image Attributes
22 Undo Table Attributes
23 Undo Insert Table
24 Undo Delete Table Column
25 Undo Insert Table Column
26 Undo Delete Table Rows
27 Undo Insert Table Rows
28 Undo Character Formatting
29 Undo Paragraph Formatting
30 Undo Bullets and Numbering
31 Undo Text Field Attributes
32 Undo Insert Text Field
33 Undo Delete Text Field
34 Undo Replace
35 Undo Insert Text Frame
36 Undo Delete Text Frame
37 Undo Text Frame Attributes
38 Undo Edit Text Frame
39 Undo Insert Object
40 Undo Delete Object
41 Undo Object Attributes
42 Undo Page Attributes
43 Undo Insert Section Break
44 Undo Insert Header/Footer
45 Undo Delete Header/Footer
46 Undo Edit Header/Footer

Data Types



Read only, Runtime only.

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