Simple Control View

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The formatting area, which is the area Text Control uses to perform line breaks, is Text Control's control size. This means that every time the control is sized, the text is newly formatted. For this view set the ViewMode property to 4 - Simple Control.

A line break is automatically performed when the current input position reaches the control's right border. When the control's right border is reached without having a break character in a line, no line break is performed and Text Control indicates overflowing text with a vertical mark. This mark is displayed at the control's left or right border, depending on the paragraph alignment setting. When the number of lines exceed the control's height, overflowing text is indicated with a plus mark at the bottom of the control. The current input position, indicated by the caret, can never leave the control. If the user tries to move the caret to overflowing text, the Text Control beeps.

When the Text Control is zoomed, the current control size is also zoomed to adapt the formatting area to the new zooming factor. Its position in relation to its container control or form is also zoomed.

Autoexpanding is only possible in this view. In autoexpanding mode the control's size is automatically expanded to the current text amount. This mode can be set with the AutoExpand property. After Text Control has expanded its control size it sends HExpand and/or VExpand events.

Because the control view has no built-in scroll interface, Text Control has several events to enable a programmer to implement an external scroll interface. The CaretOutBottom, CaretOutLeft, CaretOutRight and CaretOutTop events are sent, when the current input position has been moved outside of the control's visible part. The CaretOut event is sent, when the current input position has been moved to a completely invisible control and the AutoScroll event is sent during extension of a text selection with the mouse. All of these events are only possible in the simple control view.