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When the ViewMode property is set to 2 - Page View, Text Control shows pages with margins and borders. The number of pages depends on the amount of text.

The PageWidth and PageHeight properties define the extension of the page including its margins. Page margins have a default value of one inch and can be changed through the PageMarginB, PageMarginL, PageMarginR and PageMarginT properties.

Like for many other extension settings, Text Control uses twentieths of a point to define the formatting area. This unit is often used in combination with text processing applications or fonts and is called TWIP. One TWIP is a 1/1440th of an inch.

In the normal view and in the page view Text Control has a built-in scroll interface. Text Control sends HScroll and VScroll events when it scrolls automatically. The current scroll positions can be obtained or set with the ScrollPosX and ScrollPosY properties.

Only in the Page View headers and footers are visible. For more information how to handle headers and footers see Technical Articles - Headers and Footers.