Text Control has several built-in resources like information strings, error messages and dialog boxes. These resources are available in different languages. When a new control is created Text Control selects the current set system language as the default one. With the Language property this setting can be altered independent of the system language. The description of the Language property lists all currently available built-in languages. To alter the language of the Button Bar and Status Bar the appropriate Language properties must be used.

To display resources in additional languages external resource libraries can be built and then set with the ResourceFile property. A resource library is a dynamic link library that only contains resources. The ResourceKit subdiretory contains the basic files to create such a DLL file. The following is a list of these files:

Furthermore Microsoft Visual C++ project files are contained that can be used to build the resource library.

The TXRES.RC file has the following contents:

To avoid conflicts with other programs that also uses own resources or with future versions of TX Text Control the following points are important:

At runtime Text Control determines resources in the following way: