ViewClicked Event (Obsolete)

Occurs when a marked text field for which hyperlink data has been stored, is clicked on. It occurs only if the EnableHyperlinks property is set to True.


   ViewClicked(FieldType, FieldContents)
Parameter Description

Specifies the type of a field as an identifier. It can be one of the following values:

Code Meaning
0 - 19 Specifies fields that represent links to text positions within the same document (RTF only).
20 - 39 Specifies buttons that represent link positions (RTF only).
100 Specifies a field that is a link to a position in the same document (HTML only).
101 Specifies a field that is a link to an external position (HTML only).

Is a string that represents the contents of the field. The specification depends on the field's type and on the type of the document.


This event is sent before a FieldClicked event is sent.

Data Types

FieldType:    Integer
FieldContents:    String

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