RTFImport Method (Obsolete)

Loads the contents of an RTF file with the specified name into a Text Control.


   TXTextControl.RTFImport Filename[, Extended]
Parameter Description

Is the name of the RTF file that is to be loaded.


Optional. If this parameter is missing or zero then the text is inserted at the current caret position. If this parameter has a value of 1 then Text Control supports a special Viewer mode. In this mode, additional hypertext information is imported from the RTF file. See TX Info Artist manual for details.

Return Value

The method returns True when the data could be imported. Otherwise it returns False.


RTF (Rich Text Format) is one of the most common interchange formats for text documents. Most word processors available for Windows are able to read and write RTF files.

Data Types

FileName:    String
Extended:    Long
Return value:    Boolean

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