Mouse Assignment

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Mouse Action Reaction of Text Control
Click Moves cursor to point of click or selects an image or text frame.
Click and Drag Selects text from point of button down to point where button is released or moves an image, text frame, barcode or chart object.
SHIFT + Click Extends the selection to the point of click.
Double-click Selects the word that is clicked on.
Double-click and drag Extends the selection from word to word.
Triple-click Selects the paragraph that is clicked on.
Triple-click and drag Extends the selection from paragraph to paragraph.
PgUp / PgDown Scrolls the text up or down one client area height minus the height of one line of text. Active only if a vertical scrollbar exists.
CTRL + PgUp / PgDown Zooms up or down the current document.
SHIFT + PgUp / PgDown Scrolls the document horizontally.
Drag and Drop on selected text Selected text is moved to the drop position of the mouse (text drag and drop).
CTRL + Drag and Drop on selected text Selected text is copied to the drop position of the mouse (text drag and drop).
Click on the selection bar (left or right margin) Selects the complete row.