Character Formatting


Property Description
TXTextControl.BaseLine Specifies the baseline alignment for selected text.
TXTextControl.FontBold Returns or sets the bold font style.
TXTextControl.FontItalic Returns or sets the italic font style.
TXTextControl.FontName Returns or sets the font used to display text.
TXTextControl.FontSize Returns or sets a value that specifies the size of the font used to display text.
TXTextControl.FontStrikethru Returns or sets the strike thru font style.
TXTextControl.FontUnderline Returns or sets the underline font style.
TXTextControl.FontUnderlineStyle This property determines styles for the FontUnderline property.
TXTextControl.ForeColor Returns or sets the color used to display text in a Text Control.
TXTextControl.TextBkColor Returns or sets the background color for selected text.


Method Description
TXTextControl.FontDialog Invokes the Text Control's built-in font dialog box and, after the user has closed the dialog box, specifies whether he has changed something.
TXTextControl.GrowFont Increases the font size of each font contained in the current text selection.
TXTextControl.InsertSymbolDialog Opens a modeless dialog box which can be used to insert symbol characters.
TXTextControl.ShrinkFont Decreases the font size of each font contained in the current text selection.


Event Description
TXTextControl.CharFormatChange Occurs when the formatting attributes of the selected characters have been changed.