Using Text Control with ASP and VBScript

This chapter shows you how to use Text Control on a server.

When running on a server, Text Control is switched to a special mode so that it does not have a user interface. There is no editing window, no toolbars and no ruler. No dialog boxes nor error messages will be displayed. It is completely invisible to the user, and all editing and processing is done from code.

At first glance it may seem strange to have an editor running where it is hidden from the user, but there are many applications where documents need to be processed from code rather than interactively:

Instead of the word processor interface common to client applications, server based programs often communicate with the user via HTTP. The user enters some information on a web page, which is sent to the server, processed on the server, and then sent back as, say, a PDF file containing an invoice. Some applications may not have a user interface at all, for instance when used for batch processing of large amounts of files, or batch print jobs.