Known Issues

Known issues and fixes are available for the following versions
TX Text Control .NET for Windows FormsX14X13X12X11X10X9
TX Text Control .NET for WPFX14X13X12X11X10X9
TX Text Control .NET Server for ASP.NETX14X13X12X11X10X9
TX Text Control ActiveXX14X13X12X11X10X9
TX Text Control ActiveX ServerX14X13X12X11X10X9
TX Spell .NET for Windows Forms6.
TX Spell .NET for WPF6.
TX Barcode .NET for Windows Forms3.0
TX Barcode .NET for WPF3.0

Known Issues and Fixes in TX Text Control .NET Server for ASP.NET X14

TXT-3903MVCMVC: TextControl.LoadText does not throw exception in case of filter errorFixed in X14 (24.0) SP2
TXT-3885Text filterRTF import: Illegal tab stop positionsFixed in X14 (24.0) SP2
TXT-3851Text filterParagraph background color and paragraph colored borders are not exported to HTMLFixed in X14 (24.0) SP2
TXT-3913Web ControlContent from MS Excel is pasted as an image in the Web TextControlFixed in X14 (24.0) SP2
TXT-3892Web ControlWeb editor: "Close" button in merge preview navigation tab stays disabledFixed in X14 (24.0) SP2
TXT-3914Web ControlThe Columns button in the Page Layout tab does not work in the Web.TextControlFixed in X14 (24.0) SP2
TXT-3882Text filterHTML import: Misnested META tag inside TR tag causes application crashFixed in X14 (24.0) SP2
TXT-3894Web EditorThe font dialog is not refreshed correctly when called from the context menuFixed in X14 (24.0) SP2
TXT-3902Mail MergeDocumentServer: Barcodes at the end of a document can vanishFixed in X14 (24.0) SP2
TXT-3904Text filterCSS import: Background color can not be set with shorthand propertyFixed in X14 (24.0) SP2
TXT-3923Text filterDOCX to HTML conversion creates invalid XHTMLFixed in X14 (24.0) SP2
TXT-3828Text filterHTML import: Text Control hangs when loading an HTML fileFixed in X14 (24.0) SP2
TXT-3907Text framesTextFrame FrameLine property is not memorized after savingFixed in X14 (24.0) SP2
TXT-3928RibbonSymbols for Cut and Copy are switched in TX Words RibbonFixed in X14 (24.0) SP2
TXT-3917RefreshThe text is not correctly refreshed if the size of an image is decreasedFixed in X14 (24.0) SP2
TXT-3548PrintingSpecific words are not printed under very specific circumstancesFixed in X14 (24.0) SP2
TXT-3246RefreshThe error 03-131C is thrown if a document with referenced images where the image files are not accessible is saved to PDFFixed in X14 (24.0) SP2
TXT-3879RibbonRibbonInsertTab: Incorrect Pages group icon when group is shrinked to menu button mode.Fixed in X14 (24.0) SP1
TXT-3877DrawingTX Drawing: shape selection rectangle is not erased completely.Fixed in X14 (24.0) SP1
TXT-3876DrawingTX Drawing: refresh problem when activating and deactivating a drawing canvas.Fixed in X14 (24.0) SP1
TXT-3875DrawingTextFieldEventArgs.TextField.ContainsInputPosition throws Exception when TextControl.TextFieldDeleted is fired.Fixed in X14 (24.0) SP1
TXT-3872TablesSelected table won't be completely deleted on using Table.Cells.Remove method.Fixed in X14 (24.0) SP1
TXT-3871MailMergeMailMerge: Possible NullReferenceException when merging DataSet in parallel loop.Fixed in X14 (24.0) SP1
TXT-3867Ruler BarIf a thread's Culture is set to CultureInfo.InvariantCulture, a System.ArgumentException is thrown from the RulerBar.Fixed in X14 (24.0) SP1
TXT-3863SelectionSelecting text in front of an image is not possible.Fixed in X14 (24.0) SP1
TXT-3862TablesAccessViolationException during mail merge when inserting large tables into other tables.Fixed in X14 (24.0) SP1
TXT-3857OtherRefresh problem after deleting an image.Fixed in X14 (24.0) SP1
TXT-3855OtherZoomFactor of 3001 causes System.DivideByZeroException.Fixed in X14 (24.0) SP1
TXT-3854Text formattingIf a style with Wingdings font is applied to a text, the font is not used.Fixed in X14 (24.0) SP1
TXT-3833Text framesA TextFrame positioned on top of an image, that is behind the text, cannot be activated when loaded from a file.Fixed in X14 (24.0) SP1
TXT-3827SectionsError 01-041D when inserting specific document into another.Fixed in X14 (24.0) SP1
TXT-3826SetupThe TX Text Control Server setup contains an old version of the resource kit for the Web Service.Fixed in X14 (24.0) SP1
TXT-3803OtherIf two SubTextParts are adjacent, a new SubTextPart can be added on top of the existing one.Fixed in X14 (24.0) SP1
TXT-3795OtherThe Changed event is not fired when a header/footer is inserted.Fixed in X14 (24.0) SP1
TXT-3793Text filtersDOCX format: SubTextPart is removed after save and load operation.Fixed in X14 (24.0) SP1
TXT-3784PrintingTable row which breaks across pages overwrites header rows.Fixed in X14 (24.0) SP1
TXT-3780RefreshZooming while header is activated causes word wrap.Fixed in X14 (24.0) SP1
TXT-3779RefreshField background is not refreshed on right click.Fixed in X14 (24.0) SP1
TXT-3767Header and footerTX Text Control crashes, if text in ApplicationField is replaced in odd and even headers.Fixed in X14 (24.0) SP1
TXT-3763Text filtersPDF export: Unwanted ligatures.Fixed in X14 (24.0) SP1
TXT-3762Text filtersRTF import: Wrong symbol font characters.Fixed in X14 (24.0) SP1
TXT-3421SelectionSelection.Culture property throws an ArgumentException after setting to null.Fixed in X14 (24.0) SP1
TXT-2841ImagesImage will be displayed at the top border of TX Text Control, if it is moved inside a non-editable ApplicationField.Fixed in X14 (24.0) SP1
TXT-3835DialogLanguageDialog crashes, if Georgian (Georgia) is selected as language.Fixed in X14 (24.0)
TXT-3831SamplesCharts cannot be merged in charts_step2 and an System.InvalidCastException is thrown.Fixed in X14 (24.0)
TXT-3820Text FiltersCSS import: Whitespace character in rgb and rgba functional notation causes an exception.Fixed in X14 (24.0)
TXT-3804SectionsSectionFormat properties (page border, columns) are not reset with ResetContents.Fixed in X14 (24.0)
TXT-3798MailMergeIf data is in UPPERCASE and field property format is set to "First capital", the merged field content is still in UPPERCASE.Fixed in X14 (24.0)
TXT-3788HyperlinkHyperlinkDialog: After inserting an hyperlink, it is not possible to leave it.Fixed in X14 (24.0)
TXT-3777DrawingMemory leak in TX Drawing.Fixed in X14 (24.0)
TXT-3772MailMergeMergeField.TextFormat = TextFormatOptions.TitleCase ignores all-uppercase words.Fixed in X14 (24.0)
TXT-3771Web EditorIt is not possible to insert symbol into TextFrame using the ribbon menu.Fixed in X14 (24.0)
TXT-3766Text FieldsDoubled input position between two 1 character fields is not accessible when stepping backwards.Fixed in X14 (24.0)
TXT-3764HyperlinksHyperlinks do not have a doubled input position.Fixed in X14 (24.0)
TXT-3752Text FiltersHTML import: Not all invalid control characters are ignored.Fixed in X14 (24.0)
TXT-3749Web EditorSome string resources are missing in the web service resource kit.Fixed in X14 (24.0)
TXT-3742Web EditorSpell settings in the "Options" dialog are not preserved.Fixed in X14 (24.0)
TXT-3729MailMergeReporting: Problems with adjacent merge blocks.Fixed in X14 (24.0)
TXT-3634Web EditorCurrent text input position is not shown under special circumstances.Fixed in X14 (24.0)
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