Known Issues

Known issues and fixes are available for the following versions
TX Text Control .NET for Windows FormsX14X13X12X11X10X9
TX Text Control .NET for WPFX14X13X12X11X10X9
TX Text Control .NET Server for ASP.NETX14X13X12X11X10X9
TX Text Control ActiveXX14X13X12X11X10X9
TX Text Control ActiveX ServerX14X13X12X11X10X9
TX Spell .NET for Windows Forms6.
TX Spell .NET for WPF6.
TX Barcode .NET for Windows Forms3.0
TX Barcode .NET for WPF3.0

Known Issues and Fixes in TX Text Control ActiveX 14.0

0001672Text FiltersHTML import: Table cell padding gets lost.Fixed in 14.0 SP4
0001659Text FiltersHTML import: Hyperlink fields reaching across text block borders cause error.Fixed in 14.0 SP4
0001614Text FiltersError 04-0109 after loading document with image data.Fixed in 14.0 SP4
0001610Text FiltersRTF import: Loading corrupt RTF with LoadFromMemory in VB6 crashes IDE.Fixed in 14.0 SP4
0001602Text FiltersLoading certain DOCX document causes Error 01-2410.Fixed in 14.0 SP4
0001601Text FieldssIf documents are saved to memory and loaded again, text fields are corrupted if they contain a table.Fixed in 14.0 SP4
0001596Text FiltersHTML import: Text lines not inside P tags behind a centered DIV are not aligned correctly.Fixed in 14.0 SP4
0001575OtherAutoExpand cutts the last line if the line spacing is less than 100 percent.Fixed in 14.0 SP4
0001548Far EastChinese IME does not work using Windows XP.Fixed in 14.0 SP4
0001547Text FiltersDOC/DOCX import: Document generates an 01-2439 error.Fixed in 14.0 SP4
0001546Text FiltersRTF export: Sometimes tables inserted as text fields cause invalid RTF.Fixed in 14.0 SP4
0001538Text FiltersIf a document, created on a Chinese system, is saved to HTML, it can not be loaded anymore.Fixed in 14.0 SP4
0001537Text FiltersHTML import: Some fonts are not imported correctly.Fixed in 14.0 SP4
0001525Text FiltersHTML import: Consecutive non-breaking space characters are not imported correctly.Fixed in 14.0 SP4
0001521Text FiltersIf an empty style tag is used in a HTML file, TX Text Control crashes while loading the file.Fixed in 14.0 SP4
0001498Text FiltersExport (DOC/DOCX/RTF): Microsoft Word shows an additional horizontal border between paragraphs.Fixed in 14.0 SP4
0001461Image FiltersTIFF import: Unable to load image file with big endian byte order.Fixed in 14.0 SP4
0001457OtherHTML import: body style is not applied to paragraph tags correctly.Fixed in 14.0 SP4
0001452Text FiltersBODY entry in the STYLE section in HTML does not work correctly.Fixed in 14.0 SP4
0001430OtherInputPosition can not be correctly set after page 8.Fixed in 14.0 SP4
0001421Text FiltersRTF import: Paragraphs not belonging to a table can become part of a table.Fixed in 14.0 SP4
0001419OtherShortcut keys do not work in header or footer in the BrowserTextControl.Fixed in 14.0 SP4
0001376Text FiltersHTML import: Repeated saving and loading adds   to HTML code.Fixed in 14.0 SP4
0000613Far EastUnder special circumstances special charaters are appearing using Korean input.Fixed in 14.0 SP4
0000590Far EastChracters not visible with korean input after inserting a point under Windows 2000.Fixed in 14.0 SP4
0001512Text FiltersRTF export: Hyperlink fields in headers and footers are not visible in Microsoft Word.Fixed in 14.0 SP3
0001506Text FiltersImport (DOC/DOCX/RTF): Error 01-242A, if an inline text frame is the first character of a table cell.Fixed in 14.0 SP3
0001491Text FiltersRTF import: Message box with text 'No such interface supported' after loading a document with OLE objects.Fixed in 14.0 SP3
0001487Text FiltersDOC: Word division character (31) is not exported to Microsoft Word.Fixed in 14.0 SP3
0001473Text FiltersCSS import: positive decimal fractions without leading zero are not imported.Fixed in 14.0 SP3
0001468Text FiltersImport (DOC/DOCX/RTF): Missing link targets.Fixed in 14.0 SP3
0001466Text FiltersRTF export: Bullet list in table can not be loaded into Word Pad.Fixed in 14.0 SP3
0001465Text FiltersHTML import: Superfluous closing table tags can cause TX Text Control to crash.Fixed in 14.0 SP3
0001462Text FiltersDOCX export: No character properties for 'Forced end of line' characters.Fixed in 14.0 SP3
0001458Text FiltersHTML import: Wrong style is applied to the content of DIVs.Fixed in 14.0 SP3
0001453Text FiltersRTF import: Use of font 'MS Mincho' can cause incorrect characters.Fixed in 14.0 SP3
0001442Text FiltersDOCX import of byte array data generates 01-1D01 error.Fixed in 14.0 SP3
0001437Text FiltersRTF import: Font 'Courier' is imported as 'Arial' on Microsoft Vista.Fixed in 14.0 SP3
0001428Text FiltersHTML import: CSS parser error when importing @import-rule in inline CSS stylesheet.Fixed in 14.0 SP3
0001417Text FiltersXML-Import: One of the xml samples can not be loaded.Fixed in 14.0 SP3
0001415Text FiltersDOCX format does not export font list.Fixed in 14.0 SP3
0001407Text FiltersHTML export: In some cases hyperlinks can cause TX Text Control to crash.Fixed in 14.0 SP3
0001389Text FiltersRTF export: Character formatting can get lost when deleting the first character of a paragraph.Fixed in 14.0 SP3
0001388Text FiltersRTF Export: TextFields are not visible in Microsoft Word when exporting to a variable.Fixed in 14.0 SP3
0001386Text FiltersRTF import: A section break in a table cell can cause error 01-2437.Fixed in 14.0 SP3
0001384Text FiltersCSS: Paragraph frames are exported incorrectly.Fixed in 14.0 SP3
0001409Dialog BoxesError 1-704 using the font dialog.Fixed in 14.0 SP2
0001406Text FiltersDOC import: Carriage return inside the last paragraph of a nested cell generates a 01-1D02 error.Fixed in 14.0 SP2
0001404Text FiltersDOC import: Section break in a table can cause error 01-2436.Fixed in 14.0 SP2
0001403RefreshRefresh problem while zooming TX Text Control.Fixed in 14.0 SP2
0001396Text FiltersDOCX import: Documents containing large paragraphs generates a 01-2439 error.Fixed in 14.0 SP2
0001382UndoUndo changes scroll position, although it is not needed.Fixed in 14.0 SP2
0001381RefreshAfter pressing page up, the displayed page scrolls out of sight.Fixed in 14.0 SP2
0001368Text FiltersDOCX: Right and left text distances of text frames are exported incorrectly.Fixed in 14.0 SP2
0001370File I/OHeaderFooter is not maintained, if a document is loaded with Load (curSelection = true) that has been saved with TX Text Control 13.0.Fixed in 14.0 SP1
0001363Text FiltersA startNumber for a PageNumberField is not correctly exported to RTF and DOC.Fixed in 14.0 SP1
0001362Text FiltersWhen saving a document as WordprocessingML, an additional paragraph will be added.Fixed in 14.0 SP1
0001359StylesInvalid style handling, if a paragraph end character is deleted.Fixed in 14.0 SP1
0001358Text FiltersWhen saving a document with a text field to RTF, the * xfieldend} tag is missing.Fixed in 14.0 SP1
0001357SamplesTXWords.exe is not able to load large DOCX files.Fixed in 14.0 SP1
0001353File I/OTX Text Control format older than version 6.0 cannot be loaded with TX Text Control 14.Fixed in 14.0 SP1
0001352Text FiltersHTML: Using LoadFromMemory to load HTML string adds weird characters to the text output.Fixed in 14.0 SP1
0001351Text FiltersLoading document causes internal filter problem with empty text blocks.Fixed in 14.0 SP1
0001350StylesTabs cannot be set for a new paragraph style.Fixed in 14.0 SP1
0001348Formatting'Page break before' setting for a paragraph does not work in large documents.Fixed in 14.0 SP1
0001347Text FiltersHTML export: Superscripted text broken across paragraphs does not comply with 4.0 standard.Fixed in 14.0 SP1
0001346Button BarStyle combo box still shows style of deleted paragraph.Fixed in 14.0 SP1
0001345Text FiltersCSS: Comments are processed incorrectly.Fixed in 14.0 SP1
0001343Text FiltersSpecial documents containing tables which immediately follow after a forced page break cannot be loaded.Fixed in 14.0 SP1
0001342OtherTX Text Control crashes after deleting a table which is at the beginning of a section containing a header different than the header in the previous section.Fixed in 14.0 SP1
0001341Text FiltersCSS: The import of the attribute 'font-family' is not correct.Fixed in 14.0 SP1
0001338ScrollingFloating text mode: Vertical scrollbar overlaps the text.Fixed in 14.0 SP1
0001337Text FieldsStyle cannot be changed using the button bar, if a field is wrapped to the next line.Fixed in 14.0 SP1
0001336Text FiltersTX Text Control crashes after closing application, when a document is previously saved to DOCX .Fixed in 14.0 SP1
0001335Text FiltersError 1D09 when saving a pasted document to RTF.Fixed in 14.0 SP1
0001327Text FiltersDOC files in Word95/Word6 or older DOC formats are imported like all DOC files in TX Text Control 13. Only the first section is used.Fixed in 14.0 SP1
0001326Image FiltersPNG data import: Error 04-0109.Fixed in 14.0 SP1
0001325Text FiltersDOC import: Error 01-1D09 for file stored by 'TextMaker 2002'.Fixed in 14.0 SP1
0001324Text FiltersDOC import: Error 01-1D09 is raised because of an unattended style recursion.Fixed in 14.0 SP1
0001322Text FiltersRTF import: Error code 01-1D02 for files without regular closing bracket.Fixed in 14.0 SP1
0001319Text FramesWhen pasting a nested table into a text frame, the document can not be saved anymore (error: 0B06).Fixed in 14.0 SP1
0001308PrintingPrinting in Simple view mode does not work anymore with PrintPage.Fixed in 14.0 SP1
0001307Text FiltersHTML: Blank line at the beginning of a document is not exported correctly.Fixed in 14.0 SP1
0001304Text FiltersDOC import fails, because of section blocks with wrong section numbers when importing a DOC file.Fixed in 14.0 SP1
0001303TablesSaving to RTF or Word is not possible, if tables are at the beginning of a new page.Fixed in 14.0 SP1
0001302OtherInserting image from IE crashes TX Words.Fixed in 14.0 SP1
0001301Text FiltersImporting a document with 'BreakKind NewLine' and 'BreakKind NewPage' adjacent to each other raises an error.Fixed in 14.0 SP1
0001280Text FiltersHTML import: Table cannot be imported, if a nested table is inserted into a 1x1 table.Fixed in 14.0 SP1
0001271Headers and FootersRefresh problem removing header in section.Fixed in 14.0 SP1
0001224Text FiltersHTML: Horizontal lines in HTML files are not inserted, when importing into TX Text Control.Fixed in 14.0 SP1
0001221Headers and FootersBackspace key cannot be trapped in header/footer.Fixed in 14.0 SP1
0001212TablesText is not correctly formatted, if a table cell is longer than the page size and 'page break before' is set.Fixed in 14.0 SP1
0001205Text FiltersHTML: Text color is wrong.Fixed in 14.0 SP1
0001199ImagesCopy and paste image from IE7 'inner pages' does not work.Fixed in 14.0 SP1
0001183Text FiltersIf you insert a nested table in a text frame, you cannot save the document (error 01-B06).Fixed in 14.0 SP1
0001171Text FiltersRowspan in HTML tables causes TX Text Control to hang.Fixed in 14.0 SP1
0001165Text FieldsText field can be deleted although FieldDeleteable Property = False.Fixed in 14.0 SP1
0001159Text FiltersError 1D09 is raised, if an empty bulleted or numbered list after a paragraph is saved as DOC or RTF.Fixed in 14.0 SP1
0001109ImagesTIF images cannot be added to TX Text Control, because the image size was to large for the buffer, despite compression.Fixed in 14.0 SP1
0001089PropertyFrameStyle: Frame line cannot be removed.Fixed in 14.0 SP1
0001065ImagesAn error is raised, if two images have been inserted as 'DisplaceCompleteLines' next to each other.Fixed in 14.0 SP1
0000951Headers and FootersHeaderFooterActivate(0) on HeaderFooterActivated Event, main text becomes greyed out.Fixed in 14.0 SP1
0001269Text FramesError 0E00 is raised, if the FrameLineWidth Property is increased.Fixed in 14.0
0001250ImagesImage in HTML with align attribute cannot be loaded.Fixed in 14.0
0001244Text FiltersRTF: Documents with different header/footer on odd and even pages cannot be opened.Fixed in 14.0
0001223Text FiltersHTML: Inline paragraph formatting is wrong.Fixed in 14.0
0001217Text FiltersHTML filter writes redundant style attributes.Fixed in 14.0
0001216TablesIf a selection is done by keyboard at the start of a table, TX Text Control crashes.Fixed in 14.0
0001208Text FiltersHTML: Paragraph 'alignment justified' is not exported to HTML properly.Fixed in 14.0
0001203Text FiltersImporting 100 percent HTML table will not be extended to the page width.Fixed in 14.0
0001198TablesTable custom borders cannot be imported into RTF documents.Fixed in 14.0
0001192SamplesXML Quote Generator sample program does not work.Fixed in 14.0
0001115UndoScroll position is changed when undo is used.Fixed in 14.0
0001074Headers and FootersIf a header is added to a document, a non-writeable space is inserted at the bottom.Fixed in 14.0
0001070Headers and FootersA document containing a header is not correctly rendered, if the page size is changed.Fixed in 14.0
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