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TXTextControl.UserDefinedPropertyDictionary Class

An instance of the UserDefinedPropertyDictionary class contains all user-defined document properties contained in a loaded document or which will be saved in a document. The UserDefinedPropertyDictionary class is used with the LoadSettings.UserDefinedDocumentProperties and SaveSettings.UserDefinedDocumentProperties properties. Each entry in the dictionary is a key/value pair, where the key is the name of the document property and the value is the document property's value. The foreach statement of the C# language (for each in Visual Basic) returns an object of the type of the elements in the collection. Since each element is a key/value pair, the element type is System.Collections.DictionaryEntry. The name must be of the type System.String and is limited to 255 characters. The value can be of the type System.String,System.Boolean, System.Int32 or System.Double.

Introduced: 24.0.


[C#] public class UserDefinedPropertyDictionary : System.Collections.DictionaryBase
[Visual Basic] Public Class UserDefinedPropertyDictionary : System.Collections.DictionaryBase


UserDefinedPropertyDictionaryInitializes a new instance of the UserDefinedPropertyDictionary class.


NamesGets a collection of all property names the dictionary contains.
ValuesGets a collection of all property values the dictionary contains.


AddAdds a new property to the dictionary.
ContainsDetermines whether the dictionary contains a property with the specified name.
ItemGets a document property from the dictionary.
RemoveRemoves a document property from the dictionary.

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