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TX Spell .NET for Windows Forms

Reliable and Accurate Spell Checking

Using TX Spell .NET for Windows Forms you can add extremely fast, highly reliable and very accurate spell checking to your TX Text Control based applications.

  • Built-in support for Hunspell dictionaries.
  • Spell check multi-lingual documents.
  • Build user dictionaries.
  • Really easy-to-use API.
  • High performance and most accurate suggestion engine.
  • Pure spelling engine (e.g. for server applications) included.


Words that are not in the selected or user dictionaries are underlined using wavy red lines. TX Spell .NET for Windows Forms persistently checks spelling as you type, word by word, and as you copy and paste. Right-clicking on a spelling mistake presents a context menu with suggestions and options to Ignore All or Add to user dictionary.

Screenshot showing Spell-As-You-Type with context menu.

User dictionaries

Unrecognized words and specialist vocabulary, such as legal or medical terms, can be added to a user dictionary. To assist end-users maintain their user dictionaries, TX Spell .NET for Windows Forms ships with a user dictionary editor:

Screenshot showing user dictionary editor.

Integrated dialog box

Using the integrated dialog box, you can see which words are incorrectly spelled, replace the word with one of the suggestions, ignore the spelling mistake just this once, or ignore it completely.

Screenshot showing integrated dialog box.

The options dialog box allows you to specify which kinds of words should be ignored and whether repeated words should considered a spelling mistake or not.

Screenshot showing integrated options dialog box.

The options dialog box is accessed directly from the above spelling dialog.

Multi-lingual spell checking

Unlike most spell checkers, TX Spell .NET for Windows Forms supports multi-lingual documents. For example, it is possible to check a document, which contains English, German, French and Spanish text without having to manually switch between dictionaries.

Screenshot showing spell checking with TX Spell .NET for Windows Forms

Seamless integration into TX Text Control

TX Spell .NET for Windows Forms was developed by the same team of engineers, which maintains TX Text Control. Hence, the spell checking component enjoys a deep integration within the main word processing component. Integrating TX Spell .NET for Windows Forms into TX Text Control requires no code - it can be easily connected using the Visual Studio designer:

Screenshot showing seamless integration into TX Text Control.

Multiple TextControls, one spell checker

Using TX Spell .NET for Windows Forms, it is possible to perform spell checking on multiple TextControls on a single form. It is not necessary to have one instance of the spell checker, for each instance of TextControl. This dramatically reduces the required memory and speeds up the spell checking process.

Screenshot showing one TX Spell .NET spelling checking multiple TextControls.

High performance suggestion engine

Get the right word ranked at position 1 or 2 in more than 97% of all cases.

Based on the analysis of thousands of test documents, the expected suggestion is ranked at position 1 or 2 in more than 97% of all cases. The algorithm includes the measurement of the distance between the keys on the currently used keyboard. Many different factors are evaluated and rated to create the accurate list of suggestions.

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