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Blog Posts From 2017
August 9, 2017Sneak Peek X15: Keeping table rows together
August 8, 2017Sneak Peek X15: Add formatting using the Mini Toolbar
July 13, 2017Sneak Peek X15: Copy to local clipboard support in ASP.NET version
June 29, 2017More impressions from DWX Developer Week 2017
June 27, 2017DWX Developer Week 2017: First impressions
June 21, 2017Sneak Peek X15: Custom field overlays in HTML5-based Text Control
June 20, 2017Sneak Peek X15: Ribbon chart layout tab
June 19, 2017NDC Oslo 2017 impressions: Part II
June 15, 2017First day at NDC Oslo 2017: Some impressions
June 14, 2017Service Pack 2 for TX Text Control X14 and TX Spell .NET 6.0 released
June 5, 2017Sneak Peek X15: Watermarks and objects in headers and footers...
May 25, 2017Sneak Peek X15: UI Automation Interface for TX Text Control .NET...
May 23, 2017Impressions from DevIntersection Spring in Orlando, FL
May 15, 2017Impressions from Magdeburger Developer Days 2017
May 8, 2017Impressions from dotnet Cologne 2017
February 27, 2017Impressions from Philly Code Camp 2017
February 25, 2017Impressions from BASTA! Spring 2017, Frankfurt
February 15, 2017Web.TextControl: Adaptive merge field drop-down lists
February 7, 2017TX Text Control X14 Service Pack 1 deployed to ReportingCloud...
February 1, 2017Service Pack 1 for TX Text Control X14 and TX Spell .NET 6.0 released
January 26, 2017ASP.NET: Protected SubTextParts in TXTextControl.Web
January 25, 2017More impressions from NDC London 2017
January 18, 2017Impressions from NDC London 2017
January 2, 2017Version X14: Customizing the Text Control Ribbon control
Blog Posts From 2016
December 24, 2016HTML5: Using the new JavaScript Selection object
December 22, 2016Adding elements to the Ribbon QuickAccessToolbar
December 9, 2016ReportingCloud: Reference implementation of TX Text Control X14 (24.0)
December 2, 2016Updating your TXTextControl.Web ASP.NET project from version X13...
November 30, 2016TX Text Control X14 for Windows Forms, WPF, ASP.NET and ActiveX...
November 24, 2016X14 preview: New integrated reporting dialog boxes
November 15, 2016X14 preview: Build your own template designer with the new...
November 9, 2016X14 preview: Adding MS Word compatible custom properties to documents
November 3, 2016Sneak Peek: Windows Forms Ribbon Bar Visual Studio design-time support
November 1, 2016MailMerge improvements in X14: Event arguments and JSON data sources
October 30, 2016Impressions from DevIntersection 2016, Las Vegas - Roadmap for...
October 21, 2016Version X14: Fully-featured, programmable Ribbon Bar for Windows Forms
September 7, 2016ReportingCloud: New endpoint to find and replace text
September 5, 2016New features in ReportingCloud portal
August 30, 2016New ReportingCloud Endpoint: Retrieving template information...
August 24, 2016Updated TXTextControl.Web MVC NuGet package
August 9, 2016Service Pack 1 for TX Text Control X13 released
July 26, 2016Sneak Peek X14 (24.0): Improved auto scrolling
July 18, 2016ReportingCloud: Merging images into image placeholders
July 15, 2016Sneak peek: TX Text Control Ribbon for Windows Forms
July 13, 2016Text Control ReportingCloud released: Web API powered reporting...
July 12, 2016Getting started with Text Control ReportingCloud and the .NET Wrapper
May 25, 2016Text Control announces new Cloud product: ReportingCloud
May 18, 2016Preview: JSON support in MailMerge version X14 (24.0)
March 8, 2016Feature preview: Client clipboard and scrollable drop-down buttons
Blog Posts From 2013
December 17, 2013Service Packs for TX Text Control X10 and X9 released
December 13, 2013Service Pack 1 for TX Text Control X10 announced
December 10, 2013Reporting: MailMerge API changes in version X10
December 3, 2013TX Text Control X10 Reporting: Using RDSC files
November 26, 2013Adding spell checking and hyphenation to TX Text Control X10
November 21, 2013TX Spell .NET 4.0: New dictionaries and hyphenation lists available
November 20, 2013TX Text Control X10, TX Spell 4.0 and TX Barcode 3.0 have been...
November 13, 2013TX Text Control X10: New and Updated Icons
November 12, 2013X10: Language Regions, Hyphenation and Right-to-Left Support
November 7, 2013TX Barcode 3.0: 9 New Barcode Types
November 6, 2013TX Text Control X10: Updated Reporting Template Designer
November 5, 2013Text Control is Visual Studio 2013 Launch Partner
October 23, 2013Pre-Order TX Text Control X10 and get Spell Checking for free
October 21, 2013Promotion Video: Text Control Reporting X10
October 15, 2013Sneak Peek Reporting X10: New sample templates
October 10, 2013Sneak Peek Reporting X10: The dot makes the difference
October 8, 2013Update version 15.0 or better now
October 4, 2013Sneak Peek Reporting X10: Image Placeholder Merging
October 2, 2013DevIntersection: Come to Vegas and see TX Text Control X10
October 1, 2013Sneak Peek Reporting X10: Using Objects as Data Sources
September 6, 2013TX Text Control X10 Roadmap: Right-to-Left - Arabic and Hebrew support
August 14, 2013Reporting Roadmap X10: Business Objects, Performance and Images
July 22, 2013TX Text Control X9 Service Pack 1 released
June 25, 2013TX Spell .NET 3.0 Service Pack 2 released
May 8, 2013Special Offer: Renew your expired Subscriptions
April 25, 2013Text Control @ Code PaLOUsa 2013, Louisville
April 24, 2013TX Text Control X9 and TX Barcode .NET have been released
March 30, 2013TX Text Control X9: Improved headers and footers
March 24, 2013TX Text Control X9: Ready-to-use built-in context menus
March 20, 2013Special Offer: Free Barcode control when pre-ordering TX Text...
February 15, 2013TX Text Control X9 Preview: Out-of-the-Box Context Menus
January 29, 2013TX Text Control X9 Roadmap Released
January 17, 2013TX Barcode .NET: Sample screenshots, feature overview
Blog Posts From 2012
December 27, 2012Sneak peek: First screenshots of TX Barcode .NET in TX Text Control
November 29, 2012Technology Roadmap 2013: Touch Capabilities, Barcodes and Reporting
November 22, 2012TX Spell .NET 3.0 SP1 - Visual Studio 2012 Compatibility Pack released
November 21, 2012TX Spell .NET ActiveX Package goes CodePlex
October 26, 2012Service Packs for TX Text Control X8 and 17.0 released
October 22, 2012X8 Service Pack 2: New MailMerge features in TX Words
October 18, 2012TX Text Control X8 SP2 - Visual Studio 2012 Compatibility Pack...
September 26, 2012Announcing barcode controls for Windows Forms, WPF and ASP.NET
September 12, 2012TX Spell .NET 3.0 released: New suggestion engine, customizable dialog
September 5, 2012Service Packs for TX Text Control X8 and 17.0 released
August 21, 2012TX Spell .NET 3.0 is coming soon!
August 13, 2012ActiveX Subscriptions are back! Upgrade now.
August 10, 2012ServerTextControl and DocumentServer available in client applications
August 9, 2012TX Text Control on tour: The next conferences 2012
August 3, 2012Video tutorial: Building MailMerge applications with X8
August 2, 2012TX Text Control X8: Inserting Chart Controls
August 1, 2012TX Text Control X8 has just been released
July 27, 2012PDF Reflow - Load, view, edit and convert Adobe PDF files
July 24, 2012PDF Reflow - A quick comparison between TX Text Control and Office...
July 23, 2012TX Text Control X8 is coming soon!
July 11, 2012MailMerge and ServerTextControl available for client applications soon
July 5, 2012New look & feel of TX Text Control
July 4, 2012From our labs: New spell checking concepts
June 29, 2012Live preview: Test the new suggestions from TX Spell .NET 3.0
June 28, 2012Upcoming TX Spell .NET 3.0 features
June 20, 2012Powerful mail merge in a new designer: TX Text Control Words
June 13, 2012TX Text Control 18.0 has just been released
June 7, 2012Test drive TX Text Control 18.0: CTP demo released
June 6, 2012TX Spell .NET 2.0 Service Pack 1 released
May 31, 2012TX Text Control, Windows 8 and Visual Studio 11: It simply works!
May 9, 2012Fresh from our labs: Adobe PDF import improvements
February 7, 2012Sneak peek: Text Control adds powerful 2D and 3D charting support
January 3, 2012Converting 3rd-party user dictionaries to TX Spell .NET
Blog Posts From 2004
October 6, 2004SP2 for TX Text Control 11.0 released
September 9, 2004Source Code Library
June 21, 20046 Service Packs released
April 21, 2004TX Text Control 11.0 now shipping
Blog Posts From 2000
November 1, 2000New in TX Text Control 8.0
October 1, 2000TX Text Control 8.0 is released
July 26, 2000TX Text Control 7.04 is released
Blog Posts From 1998
December 1, 1998New in TX Text Control 6.0
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