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HTML5: Using the new JavaScript Selection object

Björn Meyer

Blogged by Björn Meyer on December 24, 2016 and tagged with release, javascript, html5.

Version X14 (24.0) introduces a new JavaScript object to handle the position and length of a text selection. It can be also used to replace the current selection with text in a certain format.

The Selection object can be retrieved and set through the selection property of the TXTextControl object. The following JavaScript code snippet gets the current Selection and writes the current selection start and length values to the console:

The getBounds method takes a callback function with one parameter as a parameter. The callback function is called with a SelectionBounds object as a parameter.

In order to set a new selection in the document, the setBounds method is used. This method takes a SelectionBounds object as a parameter:

When a selection should be replaced with plain or formatted ext, the text needs to be selected first. After that, the load method can be used to replace the selected text.

The following code snippet selects text and inserts plain text into the selection:

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