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Björn Meyer

Blogged by Björn Meyer on February 5, 2015 and tagged with tutorial, html5, reporting.

This article collection contains best practices and how-to guides for Text Control Reporting (MailMerge) and the HTML5 based rich text editor (Web.TextControl).

Getting-Started and Basic ConceptsMailMergeWeb.TextControl
MailMerge, Reporting: One engine, three platforms
HTML5 technical considerations - The concept explained
Reporting: Conditional formatted text blocks 
HTML5 Web Editor: Loading and Saving Documents
Report types: Master-Detail, Side-by-Side, Sub Reports 
Q&A: MS Word compatible reporting for the .NET Framework 
MS Word compatible Mail Merge and Reporting 
Pixel-perfect reporting templates with TX Text Control 
Checking browser HTML5 capabilities 
Demo Template: Historical Stock Overview Report 
Expense Report with Business Objects 
Expense Report Template in Detail 
Creating Avery labels using Text Control Reporting 
Data SourceMailMergeWeb.TextControl
LINQ to DataSet: Filter your data before merging 
MailMerge: Master table and client tables 
Report Data Source Configuration Files 
Excel files as data sources using RSSBus 
Use XML schemas in TX Text Control Words 
Advantages of using business objects 
Creating separate documents from multiple data records 
Using barcodes in business documents 
Merge FieldsMailMergeWeb.TextControl
MailMerge: Conditional INCLUDETEXT fields 
MailMerge: Merge CheckBoxes during the merge process 
MailMerge: Formatting numeric strings in merge fields 
Merge formatted text into MergeFields using HTML 
Creating Labels with NEXT Fields 
Alternate row colors using NEXT fields 
Merge formatted HTML into merge fields 
Dynamic, custom SUM fields in merge blocks 
Prefixed merge field names: Using related tables 
Merge BlocksMailMergeWeb.TextControl
Merge blocks with MergeObjects 
Repeating blocks with related sub tables 
Repeating blocks with breaks and without 
TX Text Control Web: Customize the ribbon bar 
TX Text Control Web: Attaching events to ribbon elements 
Removing complete ribbon tabs from the HTML5 Web editor 
Web.TextControl: Adding buttons to the ribbon bar 
Image MergingMailMergeWeb.TextControl
Image merging in Text Control reports 
Merging Images from Files using SearchPath 
MailMerge API changes in version X10 
Using sub-templates in Text Control Reporting 
Tables Uncovered: Using Table Headers in Your Reports 
Updating a progress bar during Merge processes 
Custom processing using MailMerge events 
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