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Mail Merge: Suppress lines with empty merge fields

Björn Meyer

Blogged by Björn Meyer on August 1, 2014 and tagged with sample, reporting, github.

Consider an address block with several merge fields in a mail merge letter. Some fields might be empty such as the firstname and name. If no data is available for those fields, the complete line should be removed. The address block is included in a TextFrame, so that following elements are not moved when an empty line is removed.

Mail Merge: Suppress lines with empty merge fields

Thanks to the flexible API of TX Text Control Reporting, it is very easy to realize such requirements.

MailMerge has the property RemoveEmptyFields that specifies whether empty fields should be removed from the template or not. By default, this property is true, but this removes only the text and not the complete line.

In order to handle the removal programmatically, this property should be set to false to find these fields in the template after it has been merged.

The following code loops through all empty fields and checks whether the field is at the end of a line and the only empty field in that line. If that case is true, the field and the carriage return is removed.

private void RemoveEmptyFieldLines() { foreach (IFormattedText obj in serverTextControl1.TextParts) { foreach (ApplicationField field in obj.ApplicationFields) { // check, if character next to empty field is a carriage return if (obj.TextChars[field.Start + field.Length].Char == '\r') { bool bCompleteLine = (field.Start == obj.Lines.GetItem(field.Start).Start) ? true : false; // if yes, remove the field obj.Selection.Start = field.Start; obj.ApplicationFields.Remove(field, false); // if the field is the only text in the line // remove the CR if (bCompleteLine) { obj.Selection.Length = 1; obj.Selection.Text = ""; } // call RemoveEmptyFieldLines recursively RemoveEmptyFieldLines(); } else field.Text = ""; } } }

This method RemoveEmptyFieldLines is simply called after the MergeObjects method of MailMerge:

mailMerge1.MergeObjects(reports); // remove empty lines RemoveEmptyFieldLines();
Mail Merge: Suppress lines with empty merge fields

Give it a try and download the sample project directly from our GitHub repository:

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We proudly host our sample code on github.com/textcontrol. Feel free to fork and contribute!

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Requirements for this sample

  • at least Visual Studio 2012
  • At least a trial version of TX Text Control .NET for Windows Forms ASP.NET X12 (22.0)
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