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Conferences and Code Camps 2013: Where to find us

Björn Meyer

Blogged by Björn Meyer on September 2, 2013 and tagged with conference.

The conference summer break is already over, but even during summer time, we supported conferences and code camps such as That Conference.

We are preparing upcoming shows and I thought to share a list of already confirmed dates.


BASTA!, September 23-27, Mainz - Germany

BASTA! is one of the largest .NET conferences in Europe - we have been sponsors and exhibitors since 2009. The next conference is our 10th BASTA! as an exhibitor.

This year, we will have our Reporting Team on site to present ways to migrate from MS Office Automation, SSRS or any other reporting tool to Text Control Reporting.


NRW Conf, October 10-11, Wuppertal - Germany

The NRW Conf 2013 is taking place in Wuppertal, Germany. Since 2005, Just Community is organizing these great events with an excellent lineup of speakers.

We are sponsoring and exhibiting on this event since 2010. It is a different conference at a different location. It is taking place in a building where rock bands are usually playing.


DEVintersection, October 27-30, Las Vegas, NV - USA

Co-located with <anglebrackets/>, the DevIntersection conference is coming back to the MGM Grand, Las Vegas.

More than 100 Microsoft experts talk about the latest trends and technologies in our industry and leading vendors are showcasing their products.

PHilly Code Camp

Philly Code Camp, November 23, Abington, PA - USA

We always look forward to the Philly Code Camps. They are well organized and packed with good speakers, interested attendees, outstanding volunteers and sponsors. Philly Code Camp 2013.2 is scheduled for Nov 23, 2013.

This will be our 8th Philly Code Camp as a sponsor and exhibitor and we are very proud to support this fantastic .NET community.

NDC London

NDC London, December 2-6, London - UK

NDC began in Oslo in 2008, since then it has grown annually seeing more attendees, speakers and partners.

Soon after its start-up NDC quickly became one of the world’s largest conferences for .NET and Agile development, but has since evolved to include so much more.

See you soon somewhere at these conferences - stop by our booth and say hello!

Call us: +1 704-544-7445 (United States)





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